About Us

Shine Advocacy Group’s mission is to empower parents, students & educators with a better understanding of special education.

We strive to help those touched by disability shine even brighter. How can we help you shine?
  • Special ed advocacy consulting & meeting support
  • Training & courses on disability-related topics for families & education teams
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Transition to life after High School Coaching

Meet Shine Advocacy Group

Shannon Wilke, Owner & Education Advocate

Shannon grew a passion for special education advocacy during her years in management at a large University.  For over a decade, her days were spent advocating for students by training her team & the administration to ensure disability rights compliance.

When her own son needed specialized education years ago, she discovered that there was a gap in the system. Parents should be an equal part of the team but were not being made aware of the complex process, so Shine Advocacy Group was created.

Shannon resides in the Phoenix area with her husband, son, and fearless pup. You will find her hiking & exploring national parks, reading in a hammock, or helping others reach their goals-regardless of obstacles.


  • Master of Management, University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Arizona State University

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  • Special Education Laws & Compliance
  • Navigating the Special Education System & Meeting Support
  • Parent & Education Community Training

Carrie Gibbons, Advocate

Carrie has been in the education field since 1998, carrying out her belief that education should be multifaceted. As a teacher, she built a partnership with parents to ensure her students unique needs were met.  In her classroom fair did not mean everyone got the same thing, fair meant everyone got what they needed to be successful.

She has a drive to advocate for students, parents, and teachers in the special education world. Her desire is to help implement meaningful strategies that can be put into place in the classroom that will benefit all students, including those who have unique learning styles.

Carrie is an Arizona native that loves her hardworking husband, exceptional son, two vocal pups, photography, crafts, mountain bike riding & working out at the gym.


  • Master’s of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction, Arizona State University
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education, Ottawa University

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  • Navigating the Special Education System & Meeting Support
  • Accommodation, Service & Goal Advisement
  • Parent & Education Community Training

Amy Gingrich, Executive Function & Transition Coach

Amy’s career in education started decades ago, working with students across all levels including special education. She then moved onto higher education in 2004, as a Disability Services Advisor in addition to teaching as an adjunct faculty member.

As the Mom of two young adults, she has personally helped them transition to life after High School and loves this stage in life. You will find her hanging with her family in Huntington Beach, CA where she runs on the beach, reads, & and helps young adults find their next step in life after High School


  • Master in Education, University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor of Science, Sociology/Child & Family Services, California State University-Long Beach

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  • Self-Advocacy & Organization
  • Career Exploration & College Planning
  • College Disability Services

Sara Emerson, Executive Function Coach

Sara began as an elementary teacher and taught in a public school for over ten years.  She noticed many of her students struggled with organizational skills & was spending many hours teaching students how to keep an agenda, plan out & start an assignment, how to take notes & create study skills. These are skills called Executive Functions, and many students are lagging in these skills, so Sara left the classroom to help them individually shine.

For the past 5 years, Sara has worked with students from grade school to college, as an Executive Function coach & tutor.  Executive Function skills needed to be taught and put into practice for success to take place, not only in academics but in all areas of daily living & Sara looks forward to strengthening these skills with your student.

Sara was born to be organized & finds great joy in planning out her days in sunny AZ with her family. She loves interior design, working out to 80s jams, iced tea, and pool days.


  • Master’s of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction, Arizona State University
  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education, Arizona State University

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  • Increase Organization & Time Management
  • Strengthen Task Initiation & Completion
  • Effective Note Taking & Test Prep