Frequently Asked Questions

How will this affect my relationship with my child’s school?

Our goal is to strengthen the relationship at his/her school by respectfully assisting and contributing as a member of your student’s team. We will ensure that the focus remains on the student and how to best serve them. Each member of the team brings their area of expertise, and our approach is to ensure your student is best supported while maintaining a professional relationship with their school.

What is a record (504/IEP) review?

You can send us your child’s current 504 plan, IEP, or College ADA Accommodations and we will review and offer professional advisement & suggestions. This can be done remotely by email, or in person.

What kind of parent and education community training do you offer?

We offer online & in person trainings in the following areas: Advocacy/Special Education, The Transition to Life After High School, Improving Executive Functions (Life Management Skills), Behavioral Interventions, and other disability-related topics.

We also offer customized trainings for educational institutions & parent groups. We are passionate about our field & love to train!

What is Executive Function Coaching and how can you help?

Executive Function skills are life management skills, and we can help improve them so students can shine even brighter.

Our coaches were teachers, so they have seen what Executive Functions students struggle with in the classroom. They create a plan to strengthen these areas, such as planning & organizing assignments, time management & study skills.

What is Transition Coaching and how can you help?

Transition coaching is helping a young adult through the tough transition period from high school to life after high school. This often involves career exploration & college planning (including disability services in college).

Our Transition Coach, Amy, has both taught & advised in higher education, making her a great fit to help young adults discover & grow their innate talents.

How do you handle confidentiality?

We treat each consulting & coaching session with complete confidentially. Your sessions will never be discussed with a third party. We have training in this area and have practiced confidentiality in past compliance work. The rare exception would be if we become concerned the student is a danger to themselves or to another individual, or if a court of law directly orders Shine Advocacy Group, LLC to share such information to the court.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay via cash, card, Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. You will be invoiced via email.

We do not accept insurance or work with state agencies for payment.