Families, students, and educators work with Shine Advocacy Group to help navigate the world of special education, understand their disability rights & formulate and accomplish educational goals.  Let us help you shine.

Testimonials - Advocacy

We were frustrated and fighting for son with no knowledge of the system or what was even available to us. Shannon literally helped us turn everything around. They say knowledge is power and that is what she gave us, which we found in this situation is priceless. She gave us information on the laws and advice on the potential services and assessments that were available to our son that no one at the school had ever discussed with us. With her guidance we were immediately able to request some services for him in his current 504 plan and then start the IEP process as well. You could tell that she does this out of a pure drive to help children like our son who have been sometimes cast aside as "problems" in the school system and left behind. I felt she was as committed as my husband and I were to get our son what he needed to succeed. I can't even put into words what Shannon has done for our family. We are forever grateful to her! –Melissa, Parent/Advocacy Client

I want to show my deep appreciation for the person you are and what you have done.  You have saved me so much stress, anxiety, and time. -Aly, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon was a wonderful help to us! She was able to help us navigate the school 504 and IEP system. She was able to push the school to get our son the help he needs. We are so thankful to have found her! Nicole -Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon cares about her clients and has a solid understanding of the process to push through and obtain results. On my own, I was never successful getting an IEP approved for my child. With her support, my child now has an IEP. It already is making a difference in his education and he’s doing his schoolwork whereas before, he struggled. Thank you Shannon! Irene -Parent/Advocacy Client

We had NO idea what an IEP was except for what we read online. The task of getting one seemed absolutely daunting. Shannon was knowledgeable, compassionate, efficient and responsive. If I ever had any questions about how this process worked she was available. She made us feel confident that we would get the services that my daughter required. During school meetings she conveyed our concerns, asked for explanations and really advocated wonderfully for our daughter. One of the many wonderful things about working with Shannon was the wealth of information she gave us to continue to advocate for her. Our family is forever grateful for helping us become our daughter’s best advocate. –Kristina, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon was absolutely amazing to work with! Her knowledge and experience was key in getting the accommodations that my son needed. If you're on the fence about hiring her, do it! It will make all the difference. -Melissa, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon is a wonderful person to work with! From the very beginning you felt that she was on your side and so reassuring that your child is the priority! Cannot recommend her enough! Very knowledgeable, thorough, and timely! - Elizabeth, Parent/Advocacy Client

I am so grateful to Shannon for all the information and support she has given us. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate and we learned so much. She has loads of information, does her research, and gave us great advice. – Gwen, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon is passionate and knowledgeable about helping children and their parents navigate the maze that the educational system has in place for special needs. She was instrumental in helping us get our child the help he needed and was always available to talk or email or text. We are lucky to have found her! – Kelly, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon is very passionate about what she does. I really appreciate all her guidance while I was going through the IEP set up process for my son. Will be in touch for future needs as well. – Divya, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon is by far one of the most caring, hard working, loyal, driven and compassionate advocates in town. She went above and beyond to answer ALL of my questions and provided continuous support throughout. I highly recommend her to all those families that need a little guidance. Thank you Shannon for all that you do and above all for you continuous support. -Tara, Parent/Advocacy Client

Shannon is a super star! She is incredibly knowledgeable about disability law, and is very organized and thorough. She is with you every step of the way and gets the job done!! Shannon is passionate about advocacy and it shows. Highly recommend SMW Consulting for any part of your IEP/504 journey! –Melissa, Parent/Advocacy Client

Testimonials - Coaching & Training

One if the nicest people I've had the pleasure to know. She will keep you on track and will go out of her way to do everything and anything to further your goals and needs. I recommend her to anyone. –Ian, Student/Coaching Client

Thank you for all you do to help me....it means more than words can say. I actually feel that you are an advocate for the student- me - More than any other person in the administration area. Again thank you!!!!  - Kimberly, Student

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Shannon for over 9 years, first as an advisor on her team, and later serving as managers together. During my time as an advisor, Shannon provided me encouragement and support to set and achieve my own career goals, and served as a mentor which I believe was essential in my eventual promotion to manager. She ensured I had the opportunity to build my own skill-set as a leader and provided guidance as needed. As peers on the same management team Shannon served as a mentor and provided an example of what a great manager should be. Shannon is a strong leader who genuinely cares for her coworkers and direct reports and has the ability to motivate and bring out the strengths of those she works with to meet a common goal.-Mallory, Higher Education Disability Services Director

I met Shannon in 2007 and have worked closely with her over a 9 year period. Shannon is able to accurately read the pulse of a team dynamic so that she can adapt her leadership to best achieve goals. Shannon is a person who genuinely cares for others, which drives her passion to find ways that she can serve in practical ways. Shannon has a passion for removing barriers, and is successful in doing so through a rare effective balance of her developed business sense and an ethical compass. Shannon is a champion that is an asset to any organization, contributing strong skills in building significant relationships. – Marty, Higher Education Professional

I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for and with Shannon for the past 8 years. She encouraged me to push beyond my comfort zone and assisted in my transition into management and my role as faculty. She is able to see potential in her peers and encourages progression toward personal and professional goals. I have seen her mentor several on her team and those around her on a consistent basis. She provides unparalleled support to those around her and will work to make you the best version of yourself. –Daja, Higher Education Disability Services Manager & Faculty Member

Shannon is one of the most intelligent, caring, empathetic, supportive, positive and creative people I have ever known. She was a joy to work with! Her knowledge, insight and vision had a significant positive impact both on me personally and on my job performance. – Andria, Higher Education Disability Services Professional

I had the pleasure of working directly with Shannon for almost 9 years. Shannon excelled not only as a manager, but as a caring and compassionate person. Shannon treated her staff with respect and dignity and remembered that we were not only employees, but people. She supported and advocated for her employees as well as for our students. Shannon brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience not only of business practices and management skills, but as a caring, intelligent, and compassionate human being. Shannon has enriched my life and I am a better human being because of her influence. Thank you Shannon!- John, Vocational Rehab Counselor

I have had the pleasure of working with Shannon for over 14 years. She is highly respected by her peers, by upper management and by those that report to her. Shannon's customer service skills are one of her greatest assets; she consistently took difficult situations and could turn them around to a resolution that suited all parties. A strong team payer who looks for the best in people and situations, making her a highly appreciated asset in all my years working with her.- Julie, Higher Education Director of Disability Services

I have worked with Shannon for several years through the Association on Higher Education and Disability. She is articulate, knowledgeable and committed to the needs of students with disabilities. Shannon is a leader in the field and has been a pleasure to work with.-Kelly, Higher Education Vice President of Accessibility & Disability Strategy